Conversational AI Text Messaging

CallDigit AI helps you interact with customers 24/7 in any language tailored to your business specific knowledge base, lowering your call center costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Human like interactions with customers

CallDigit AI uses latest technology to create an AI assistant to interact with your customers, answer their questions and resolve confusion 24/7.

Real-time Responses

No wait time for customers means more satisfaction dealing with your business.

24/7 Availability

No need for customers to only interact with your business during specific hours, CallDigit AI is always online and ready to answer.

Call Center Alternative Solutions

Depending on your customer base, creating a call center with enough knowledge can be challenging. your customers may want to interact with a different language or ask questions that only a well trained agent can answer. CallDigit AI solves all these problems with a lower cost highly available and customizable solution.

Experienced & Qualified

CallDigit AI can be trained in matter of hours not months to answer customer questions, lowering your

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 customer support should not only for big corporations with huge call centers, with CallDigit AI you can scale with minimal cost.

Foreign Language Service

Baked natively in CallDigit AI, all agents can understand and reply in all languages.

Conversational AI Text Message with lots of Potential

Conversational AI can help your business grow faster and with a lower cost, improving your relation with your customer base.

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AI Assistants Active and Serving

Everyday a new business start growing faster with the use of CallDigit AI conversational text messaging.

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Total Customers Served

CallDigit AI is highly available service can handle virtually unlimited requests.

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Common Use Cases

To verify a lead from Facebook, you can integrate CallDigit AI with your Facebook lead generation ads or forms. Here’s how it can work:

1. Lead capture: When a potential lead interacts with your Facebook ad or form, their information is captured, such as their name, email, or phone number.

2. Automated messaging: CallDigit AI can be set up to automatically send a personalized SMS or initiate a conversation with the lead, using the captured contact information.

3. Lead qualification: The AI-powered assistant can ask specific questions to qualify the lead, gather additional information, and assess their needs or eligibility for your services. This helps in determining the quality of the lead.

4. Real-time responses: The AI assistant can provide instant responses to the lead’s inquiries, answer frequently asked questions, or provide relevant information about your services. It helps in building trust and engagement with the lead.

5. Integration with CRM or notification: Once the lead is verified and meets your criteria, their information can be integrated into your CRM system for further follow-up or be sent directly to your team as a notification.

By using CallDigit AI, you can automate the verification process, accelerate lead qualification, and enhance the overall lead generation and conversion process from Facebook.

To verify a lead from Google Ads, you can integrate CallDigit AI with your Google Ads campaigns or landing pages. Here’s how it can work:

1. Lead capture: When a potential lead clicks on your Google Ad and lands on your designated landing page, CallDigit AI can capture their contact information through a form or other lead generation method.

2. Automated messaging: Once the lead’s contact information is captured, CallDigit AI can automatically initiate a conversation via SMS or another messaging platform. It can send a personalized message to the lead, acknowledging their interest and starting the verification process.

3. Lead qualification: The AI-powered assistant can ask specific questions to qualify the lead and gather additional information to assess their suitability or interest in your offerings. This helps verify the quality of the lead and determine the follow-up actions.

4. Real-time responses: CallDigit AI can provide instant responses to the lead’s inquiries or frequently asked questions, improving engagement and providing immediate information about your products or services.

5. Integration with CRM or follow-up: Once the lead is verified and meets your criteria, their information can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM system or forwarded to your sales team for further follow-up and conversion.

By integrating CallDigit AI with your Google Ads campaigns, you can automate lead verification, improve lead quality, enhance response times, and streamline the overall lead generation and conversion process.

Insurance companies can benefit from using CallDigit AI in several ways:

1. Customer inquiries and support: CallDigit AI can handle common customer inquiries about insurance policies, coverage details, claims processes, and policy updates. The AI Assistant can provide instant responses, reducing the need for customers to wait for a human agent.

2. Policy information and quotes: CallDigit AI can provide automated information about different insurance policies, their features, and benefits. It can also generate personalized insurance quotes based on the information provided by customers, assisting them in their decision-making process.

3. Claims assistance: The AI assistant can guide customers through the claims process, collecting necessary information, and providing step-by-step instructions. This helps streamline the claims handling process and provides customers with timely support.

4. Appointment scheduling: CallDigit AI can handle appointment scheduling for insurance agents or adjusters to meet with customers. This simplifies the scheduling process and ensures efficient use of time for both parties.

5. Policy renewals and reminders: CallDigit AI can send automated notifications to policyholders about upcoming policy renewals, premium payment reminders, or critical updates, ensuring timely communication and reducing the risk of lapsed policies.

By utilizing CallDigit AI, insurance companies can improve customer service, streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce operational costs. It enables faster response times, personalized interactions, and automation of routine tasks.

Lawyers can definitely benefit from using CallDigit AI. Here are some ways in which a lawyer can utilize our system:

1. Appointment scheduling: AI-powered phone numbers can be used to schedule client appointments, saving time and streamlining the booking process.

2. Informational assistance: CallDigit AI can provide automated responses to common legal questions, such as inquiries about practice areas, hours of operation, or services offered.

3. Client intake and screening: The AI assistant can ask preliminary questions to potential clients, gather essential information, and assess their legal needs. This can help lawyers prioritize potential clients and determine the best course of action.

4. Document gathering: CallDigit AI can interact with clients to collect necessary documents, such as intake forms, contracts, or other legal paperwork, making the process more efficient.

5. Case status updates: Lawyers can use AI-powered numbers to provide automated updates to clients regarding the progress of their cases, court dates, and other relevant information.

By leveraging CallDigit AI, lawyers can enhance their client communication, automate certain tasks, and streamline their overall workflow. It provides a convenient and efficient way to engage with clients and deliver a better client experience.

A debt collection agency can benefit from CallDigit AI in several ways. Here are a few examples:

1. Automated message handling: CallDigit AI can handle incoming messages and interact with debtors using conversational AI. The AI-powered assistant can answer common queries, provide payment reminders, and even negotiate payment arrangements. This reduces the need for human call center personnel to handle routine tasks, thereby saving costs.

2. Streamlined data gathering: CallDigit AI can gather essential information from debtors, such as contact details, outstanding balances, and payment histories. This data can be automatically logged into your systems, reducing the manual effort needed by call center agents to collect and input data.

3. Improved efficiency: With automation, CallDigit AI can handle multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring debtors receive prompt responses and reducing wait times. This allows call center personnel to focus on more complex and high-value tasks, increasing their overall productivity.

4. Enhanced compliance: CallDigit AI can be programmed to adhere to debt collection regulations and guidelines, ensuring that all communications with debtors are compliant. This helps reduce the risk of compliance violations and associated penalties.

5. 24/7 availability: CallDigit AI operates round the clock, enabling debtors to access information and make payments at any time. This increases convenience for the debtors and potentially improves collection rates.

By utilizing CallDigit AI, debt collection agencies can automate routine tasks, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs associated with call center personnel.

An HVAC company can benefit from CallDigit AI in several ways. Here are a few examples:

1. Appointment scheduling: CallDigit AI can handle appointment scheduling for HVAC services. Customers can interact with the AI-powered assistant to select a convenient date and time for service, saving time and streamlining the scheduling process.

2. Service inquiries: The AI assistant can provide information about the HVAC company’s services, such as installation, repairs, or maintenance. It can answer common questions about pricing, service areas, and availability, freeing up customer service representatives’ time and reducing call volume.

3. Troubleshooting assistance: CallDigit AI can provide automated troubleshooting guidance to customers for common HVAC issues. The AI assistant can ask questions to identify the problem and suggest potential solutions or recommend contacting a technician for further assistance.

4. Customer support: The AI assistant can address common customer inquiries about HVAC products, warranties, or service follow-ups. It can provide self-service options, such as tracking the status of a service request or providing basic maintenance tips.

5. Lead generation: CallDigit AI can capture customer inquiries and contact information, qualifying leads and forwarding them to the appropriate sales representatives for follow-up. This helps in generating potential business opportunities and streamlining the lead management process.

By leveraging CallDigit AI, an HVAC company can enhance customer engagement, improve service efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead. It allows for providing instant support, streamlining appointment management, and optimizing customer interactions.

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